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2021 Elite Power Strokes T-Shirt

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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

They are back with same premium quality shirt for 2021 season and great group of sponsors listed below. These shirts are super soft and something you will want to wear a lot. The color of the shirts are royal blue. 

Sponsors all on back of the shirt:

Kill Devil Diesel - Gray's Diesel Performance - Ben Cooper Photography - Bluffton Diesel Service - KC Turbos - Warren Diesel Injection - Tool City Diesel - TMS Diesel - Titan Turbo Service - Holderdown Performance - Southern Truck Pros - Strictly Diesel - Rosewood Diesel Shop - Outlaw Diesel Performance - Powerhouse Diesel - Irate Diesel Performance - Greenline Diesel Performance - DNA Services - Texas Truck Jam - Abilene Diesel Performance - Kentucky Diesel Specialists - J & J Performance - Street Diesel Performance - Big Time Kustomz - Rudy's Performance Parts - Auto Trends Motorsports - Punch-Out Performance & Machine - Sparkless Performance - Ian's Truck Shop - York Diesel Performance - Raven Diesel Performance - Crucial Diesel - North Coast Diesel Performance